Air Quality Sensor Track Plus

Cloud Air Quality Track Plus is a lighting track mounting Casambi ready Air Quality sensor.

Air quality relevant data are displayed in the sensor page of Casambi app and stored in the Cloud (Gateway needed).

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  • Indoor Air Quality monitor compatible with Casambi ecosystem.
  • Three-wire lighting track mounting.
  • Measurements: Ambient temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, IAQ (index of Air Quality), CO”, PM 10, PM 2.5.
  • Data are visible on Casambi App and stored in Casambi Cloud
  • Cloud stored data can be retrieved with the included app that allows display, charting,
    analyzing of all parameters.
  • No tools installation.
  • Small dimensions allow to be easily installed and hidden.

Cloud Air quality Station + is a Casambi ready Air Quality sensor station that allows to measure,
report and store Air Quality data. It consists of several sensors that allow giving a complete measurement of indoor locations Air Quality.
The device has to be paired to a Casambi network and it is visible in the Sensor section.
Acquired data are available on the sensor page app and are stored in Casambi cloud.
The device needs a reliable Internet connection and an active Casambi Gateway.

Air quality measured parameters:
Ambient temperature: -45 – 85 °C
Relative Humidity: (RH) 10 – 90 %
Pressure: 300 – 1100 hPA
Index of Air Quality: 0 -500
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 0 – 5000 ppm
PM 10: 0 – 1000 Ug/m3
PM 2.5: 0 – 1000 Ug/m3

Electrical data:
Input Voltage : 200-260 Vac
Power consumption: 2W
Isolation : class II
Protection grade IP 20
Dimensions: 94x185x54 mm