andro range

Whether it’s your space or footprint, the andro series is designed with ideas in mind. Designed & developed by ambience in Melbourne, Australia, the andro luminaire family is a marriage of masculine and feminine characteristics into one perfectly engineered, harmonious and ambiguous form. It’s perfect for creating uniformity across your project.

With various modules, including Single CCT, Tunable White, Dim to Warm, and Plant Grow, all controllable through Casambi, andro is exceptionally considered design. The luminaires have been used across multiple award-winning projects globally. Casambi integration ensures precise control, efficiency, and sustainability, aligning with andro’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. The luminaire’s sustainability features, such as recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, and energy efficiency, make it a standout in supporting environmentally conscious design. Andro prioritizes repurposing at the end of its lifecycle, aiming to avoid landfill. The use of recycled aluminium fittings results in a 95% energy saving compared to manufacturing with prime aluminium, consuming only 5% of the original power/electricity.

Andro is also available Nude – a raw, uncoated finish.

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