Do you want the light to look warmer once it is dimmed? This can be possible! The new Tunable White LED sphere consists of two halves of tunable white light, both halves of which can be set in the same desired white shade. In addition to candle-white LEDs (2000K), cool-white (5000K) LEDs have also been incorporated into every hemisphere. This gives the same LED bulb both functional and pleasant light and can be perfectly dimmed. The tunable LED bulb provides more than 1721 lumens of light and uses less than 24 Watts of energy. The opal finishing cover creates a beautiful homogeneous light image without points and you will not be blinded if you look into the room. Both halves can be set in no time with the desired ambiance and can be continuously dimmed with, among other things, the wireless control system from Casambi.

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