CBA UP Blind Actuator

Casambi blind actuator for roller blinds / blinds / awnings. Automate your enviroment with Casambi ready sensors. With your tablet or smartphone controlling and configuration such as control time functions is very convenient and easy. Safe operation, forget sticking relays thanks to built-in mutual locking.

Enabled with 2 programmable inputs, local control is so much easier. These inputs can used as a direct preconfigured Up-Down push-button or control any casambi enabled device over Casambi input control. It‘s just a change of an parameter in the app.

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  • Blind actuator for roller shutter, blinds, awnings etc
  • Absolute horizontal positioning
  • Slat angle control (on blinds)
  • Two programable inputs
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Flush-mounted housing

Technical details

  • 2 CH blind actuator
  • Control: Casambi, local control
  • Switching type: 2x 16A locked relay
  • Construction: Flush mouted housing
  • Power supply: 130-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 46,5 x 70(51) x 30 mm