CLARIS evolution

Pure minimalism

The return of a design legend

Its’ straightforward and geometric design makes CLARIS a classic for office lighting, helping it fit effortlessly into any office architecture.

This elegant fitting presents itself as a tasteful design alternative to luminaires with continuous opal optics. With a width of 128 mm and a visible height of only 26 mm, CLARIS evolution looks particularly light and slim.

The combination of double-sided LED printed circuit board, light chamber, micro-prismatic optics and free-form reflector provides workplaces with excellent light that always conforms to EN 12464. Good glare-free light is a real blessing for the eye.

The high indirect component with a wide-angle batwing light distribution brightens up the ceiling – even with short pendant lengths – and generates a pleasant atmosphere in the space. Thanks to its excellent efficiency of up to 150 lumens per watt, CLARIS also offers a welcome opportunity to save costs.