Daytona is a highly efficient solution that’s ready for connected spaces with an outstanding service life to support the circular economy. The luminaire features interchangeable light engines that can be upgraded as new innovations come to market, whilst toolless entry ensures Daytona is easy to maintain.

Daytona is offered with Tunable White technology as standard, providing designers with a flexible solution for night-time illumination. The system can be specified with two separate transition ranges: 4000K to 2700K, or 3000K to 2200K, and the luminaire’s control system can be configured for multiple scenarios using a simple and intuitive app from Casambi.

By automatically adjusting the luminaire’s colour temperature and brightness throughout the night, the innovative system can improve visual comfort, offering a sense of security whilst also minimising the impact on wildlife and biodiversity. For example, Daytona can be programmed to begin illuminating at 3,000K when night falls and transition to a warmer, softer 2,200K overnight, when fewer road users and pedestrians are present.

The trade-offs between energy efficiency and warmer (more comfortable) colour temperatures has been ongoing since LED technology was introduced to the exterior street lighting industry. Now we have excellent efficacies from LED light engines with warmer colour temperatures, local authorities can now dynamically adapt the street lighting to meet the evolving needs of our outdoor spaces today.

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