Bridging sound management and architectural lighting, DB160 is an integrated acoustic linear system that offers unmatched possibilities to control noise and provide optimal lighting in commercial environments. For optic design, DB160 adopts high lumen SMD light source, and direct and indirect lighting design offers a uniform light distribution. For sound management, the polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is with striped grooves, and the concave-convex structure can fully diffuse excess sound rays, which can realize frequency sound absorption and diffusion, making the sound clearer and fuller, better integration of acoustics and modern lamps together.
  • Three types of options: DB160A with grill reflector, DB160B with opal diffuser, and DB160C with prismatic diffuser.
  • Direct(80%) & indirect(20%) lighting design.
  • High lumen efficiency, 95lm/W@DB160A/C, 120lm/W@DB160B.
  • UGR<19 for DB160A.
  • Interchangeable CCT(3000K+4000K)with a slide switch.
  • The color of the polyester fiber sound-absorbing board can be customized(The standard color is grey)
  • Internal flicker-free driver, Osram brand for non-dim version, Boke brand for DALI dimming version.
  • Intelligent Bluetooth CASAMBI control.
  • Application Areas: This sound-absorbing linear light is widely used in sports hall, restaurant, office, meeting room, study room etc.

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