eldoLED 20W Constant Current LED Driver with Casambi module

20W Constant Current LED Driver Range
Where Quality of Light meets Casambi

Where Quality of Light from eldoLED and the User Experience of Casambi wireless controls are coming together. The single channel 20W LED Driver family with LEDcode2 to be used with the Casambi-ready BLE Radio Module.

  • eldoLED SOLOdrive 240/A (SL0240A) – Dim to Dark (0.1%)
  • eldoLED SOLOdrive 20W/MA (SL20MA-E1Z0D) – Dim to Dark (0.1%)
  • eldoLED ECOdrive 240/A (EC0240A) – Dim to 1%
  • eldoLED ECOdrive 20W/MA (EC20MA-E1Z0D) – Dim to 1%

All eldoLED LED drivers which are carrying the LEDcode2 logo are compatible with the eldoLED BLE Radio Modules

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