Lamps for luxury jewelleries

Specific lamp for jewelry and perfect to illuminate any type of product on display thanks to its many functions. Spinled have high colour yield CRI 97 typ. and 3 RGB LED that give you the chance to get the full range of white light from 2700K to 5700K thanks to the dynamic white light system. With the state of the art electronics, it is possible to electrically rotate the LEDs that will create a dynamic glow effect on diamonds and brilliant surfaces.

This flexibility allows you to perfectly illuminate yellow gold, silver, watches, diamonds and precious stones without distorting the colours. The thickness it’s very low, only 23mm. SPINLED integrates CASAMBI allowing you to command one or more Spinled (up to 200 lamps) without home automation or the need for buttons. With SPINLED you can change and mix the colour grade, choose rotation speed, set brightness, create dynamic scenarios, timing on time, and much more. SPINLED is a product of the D&LIGHT line, a brand born of the experience in the luxury jewellery.