gottardo P Series

gottardo P series pendant light

Smart Light to hang up

The gottardo P series light with a CRI of 96 brings natural, dynamic light to your hallway. Use the Casambi app to adjust the lighting intuitively and conveniently from your smartphone, keeping full control of your favourite light at all times: colour, colour temperature, colour saturation, dimming level and more. Every single lighting parameter can be adjusted individually. The indirect light illuminates the space with a soft, evenly-distributed glow and the sophisticated surface of the luminaire head protects against dazzling.

Main features

  • CRI of 96, outstandingly natural colour rendering
  • 10,088 lm
  • 109 lm/W (rated A+)
  • Dynamically adjustable light colour (2,700 to 6,500 K)
  • 50,000-hour lifespan, lasting more than 20 years
  • Swiss-made – high-quality workmanship of the best LEDs and electronic control systems

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