IllumiTile® LED and UNUM Platform arrays are extremely versatile modular backlighting LED Panels and Sheets (Tiles). Use for backlighting or custom applications where two-dimensional configuration is required. IllumiTile® delivers even dispersion with high-brightness, and does not have the many problems associated with flexible LED sheets!

  • Available in All White, White-Tunable, RGB or RGB Pixel Versions
  • Innovative Patented Design
  • UL Listed as a Luminaire System
  • Powered with 12V DC
  • Made in the USA!
  • Extremely Versatile Use
  • Enhanced Thermal Dissipation
  • High Brightness with up to 223 Lumens per IllumiTile® (up to 2007 Lumens/sq ft)
  • Eco-Friendly with Low Power Consumption
  • Easily connects with UL Listed IllumiSnap™ harnesses & Cabling
  • Mounts easily with screws
  • Class 2 60W Max @ 12VDC or 96W @ 24VDC
  • Dimmable with common methods such as PWM, voltage ramp, etc.

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