KDWX04DW – Comfortable Fixed Downlight

Discover unparalleled comfort and sophistication with the Koizumi Comfort Series Fixed Downlight. Engineered with a focus on visual well-being, this luminaire boasts an eye protection design that effectively suppresses dazzling light, ensuring a gentle and soothing illumination experience. Adding to its versatility, the Comfort Series features an extra-wide beam angle, illuminating spaces with a broad and uniform glow.

1. Sleek and Sturdy Build

2. Finish

3. Fixed Recessed Dimmable Downlight

4. Health-Conscious Lighting

5. Four Distinct Colour Temperatures

6. High Colour Rendering

7. Dimming

The strategic placement of the light source, situated deeper than standard downlights and beyond the human angle of vision, eliminates direct visibility, creating a comfortable environment free from glare. Elevate your lighting ambiance with this thoughtfully crafted fixture that combines eye-friendly design, glare reduction, and an expansive beam angle for a truly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution.

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