KDWX56DM – Fixed Pinhole Downlight

The Koizumi Functional Series Fixed Pin-Hole Downlight redefines illumination with its innovative design, concealing the light source and unleashing controlled spotlights through small openings and lens control. This key feature allows for the creation of a dynamic space where strong and weak light interplay, contributing to a nuanced and captivating ambiance. The concealed light source adds an element of sophistication while the precision of the spotlighting through small openings enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

1. Sleek and Sturdy Build

2. Finishes

3. Fixed Recessed Dimmable Downlight

4. Health-Conscious Lighting

5. Optical Colour Temperature

6. High Colour Rendering

7. Dimming

With the Koizumi Functional Series, lighting becomes an art form, transforming spaces into visually intriguing environments where light is not merely functional but a design element in its own right.

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