KDWX91D – Anti-glare Type Adjustable Downlight

The Koizumi Ordinary Series Adjustable Anti-Glare Type Downlight offers a comprehensive lighting solution designed for adaptability and performance. With a tilting angle of 40 degrees, this luminaire provides precise control over the lighting direction. Its solid internal base construction makes it ideal for bathroom use, ensuring durability and functionality in high humidity spaces. The IP44 waterproof rating adds an extra layer of versatility, seamlessly integrating into various environments, from the living room to the makeup room and bathroom. The anti-glare design, available in broad, medium, and narrow-angle styles, creates a uniform and high-quality light environment while preventing a sense of upside-down illumination.

1. Sleek and Sturdy Build

2. Finishes

3. Fixed Recessed Dimmable Downlight

4. Health-Conscious Lighting

5. Optical Colour Temperature

6. High Colour Rendering

7. Dimming

This downlight’s flexibility extends to its suitability for diverse lighting needs, enhancing the ambient effect and highlighting specific spaces within a room. The Koizumi Ordinary Series Adjustable Anti-Glare Type Downlight combines precision, durability, and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for versatile and stylish lighting applications.

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