Ultra-compact and versatile Casambi-ready Helvar 27W MINI LED driver, perfect fit for Casambi-controlled spotlights, downlights and small luminaires. Independent application possible with separate strain reliefs, and innovative sensor connector onboard for straightforward addition of tiny Helvar Freedom Sense multisensor for your installation! Very low current ripple and amplitude dimming technology ensure the best possible light output quality. SELV output enables flexibility in luminaire design, and AC/DC input recognition enables use in central battery based emergency lighting applications. Ideal solution for Class I or Class II luminaires.


  • Helvar Casambi-ready 27W LED Driver
  • Adjustable constant current output from 150 mA to 700 mA
  • Current setting via with dip-switches
  • Sensor output connector for Helvar Freedom Sense
  • Separate strain reliefs available
  • Amplitude dimming in 1 – 100 %, suitable for e.g. flicker-free camera recording applications
  • Compliant with IEEE 1789 flicker recommendations
  • AC/DC input recognition and emergency lighting mode
  • Full load recognition, open circuit, short circuit and overtemperature protection
  • Maximum power 27 W
  • Output current range 150 mA to 700 mA
  • Output voltage range 9 – 52 V
  • Uout max 60 V
  • Dimming range 1 – 100 %
  • Dimensions 97 mm x 43 mm x 30 mm
  • THD at full power < 10 %
  • Power factor up to 0.95