Linfa Desk Light

Greenery in offices is on the rise – and well-lit desks are essential, right? Why not blend both with Linfa desk light? This innovative product uses a selection of white LED lights and water pumps, all CASAMBI® controlled, fostering natural plant growth indoors and human well-being.

Linfa light mimics natural light, aiding plant growth with dynamic white LED for maximal comfort. Linfa desk light strikes a balance between nature and tech, ideal for sustainable indoor plant cultivation in various spaces. Plants are no longer just decorative items but living beings enhancing people’s quality of life and their environment.

  • Automatic Hydroponics system – intuitive to use thanks to the CASAMBI® app
  • Tunable white desk lamp: illuminates the desk uniformly to ensure good visual comfort without dazzling those who are sitting.
  • Secondary optics direct the light in such a way as to guarantee a sufficient light for the healthy growth of a large variety of plants
  • (optional) Ambient light: indirect ambient light, very useful in open space offices where the position of desks is changed
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Designed and Made in Italy.