Future-proof and Casambi-ready Helvar Freedom 50W LED driver. Suitable for both CCT control (TunableW White mode) and two separata channel controls (DualControl mode). Amplitude dimming technology ensure the best possible light output quality. Wireless configuration possible with NFC SELV output enables flexibility in luminaire design, and AC/DC input recognition enables use in central battery based emergency lighting applications. D4i-aligned SmartData features, e.g. energy reporting, diagnostics and maintenance. With the data, you can gain valuable insights and ensure that your luminaires are working in the most efficient way.


  • Helvar Casambi-ready 50W Freedom LED driver
  • Adjustable constant current output from 100 mA to 1200 mA
  • NFC configuration for parameter setting (e.g. output current, colour control parameters, DC light level)
  • Inbuilt power supply for external Freedom Node use
  • Amplitude dimming in 0.1 – 100 % for the highest quality light output
  • Compliant with IEEE 1789 recommendation
  • AC/DC input recognition and emergency lighting mode
  • Full load recognition, open circuit, short circuit and internal thermal protection

Technical facts

  • Maximum power 50 W
  • Output current range 100 mA to 1200 mA
  • Output voltage range 12 – 50 V
  • Uout max 60 V
  • Dimming range 0.1 – 100 %
  • Dimensions 360 mm x 30 mm x 21 mm
  • THD at full power < 10 %
  • Power factor up to 0.98

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