Lumi-Plugin Downlight

One downlight. Multiple plugins.

Lumi-Plugin is a Downlight that combines Emergency lights, Sprinklers, Smoke alarms, Heat alarms, CO alarms and PIR sensors to streamline ceilings, spreed up installation times, save lives and reduce environmental impact.

We have 4 core values we offer our customers:

Streamline interiors

Lumi-Plugin LED downlight fitted with fire safety and energy-saving innovation unclutter ceilings to create beautifully streamlined interiors.

Accelerate installation

Save time, energy and costs. Lumi-Plugin also simplifies design stages and coordination challenges for easy, speedy installation.

Save lives

Designed to detect. Invented to protect. Lumi-Plugin is the essential lighting solution for safer and smarter properties.

Reduce footprint

Serious about sustainability. Combined products, less packaging and less shipments reduce environmental impact and waste.<br/>

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Lumens: 600lm

Wattage: 8.5W

Voltage: AC 220-240V 50Hz

Dimmable: Yes, Trailing Edge

Fire rated: 30/60/90 – Solid Joist 30 – Metal Webbed Joist & I-Joist

IP Rated: IP65

Built-in driver: Yes

Colour temperature: 3000K/4000K

Cut-out size: 92mm

Warranty / hours: 5 years / 50,000 hours

Colour rendering index (CRI): >80

Beam angle: 100 degrees

Product depth / diameter: 55mm / 110mm

kWh per 1000hr life: 8.5 kWh

Luminaire efficiency: 70.5 lm/w