MD400CB is master driver to work with the compatible slave drivers for LED lighting application. The power input is DC 48V, it can receive Casambi command and output DC 48V power with digital power line communication (PLC) commands to drive and control slave drivers. The slave driver can drive LED lights with the 48V power and PLC commands from this model. Besides dimming and color adjusting, the LED rated current, fade time, current trim level, dimming curve and group features are adjustable from the Casambi app. The master driver will transfer these commands to slave drivers via the power cable.

  • Input voltage: DC 48V
  • Output: DC48V with PLC data, Maximum 400W
  • PLC data: Single way digital PLC modulation
  • Rated current setup: 100mA-1400mA with 1mA step.
  • On/off fade time: 0-25.5 seconds with 0.1 second step
  • Output current trim: 100%-50% with 5% step
  • Dimming curve: Linear, Logarithm, Optimized logarithm.
  • Sub-zone: zone 1-4 programmable for slave drivers.

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