MonoBlocK series

The concept of the Monoblock luminaire is based on a simple, Euclidean shape. It consists of a rectangular acrylic block, which rests on a base. Acrylic is used for its pure transparency and polarizing effect, as only the contours illuminate, giving the sensation of an inner source: a feeling of intimacy with the object.

The bases into which the blocks are integrated vary in material and finish, and carry the electronic part of the object. The luminaire gives access to innovative controls based on an up-gradable proprietary Bluetooth application, intensity and colorimetry adjustment, ambiance program memory, programmable modulation sequences and that can react to sound.

  • Wireless networking through intelligent meshing of units (auto-detection of lamps).
  • Dedicated high-end remote control.
  • Application for smartphones, tablets, and smart watches.
  • Two programming levels: “Simple” for residential use and “Advanced” for professional use
  • Cloud service
  • Intensity and colorimetry control.
  • Ambiance memory and programmable modulation scenarios.
  • Grouping with graphic representation of the space for IoLab or Casambi compatible products.
  • Eco-Design is the Company’s strategy : The products can be disassembled and each element can be separated, replaced and recycled. They do not emit harmful electromagnetic fields and recycled materials are used for all packaging.
  • Alimentation : 5V-20V 65W
  • Plugs EU-UK-US included.
  • Type : USB C (PD)
  • Input. : 120-240v 50-60Hz
  • Output : 12v DC 3A 36W
  • Fixture: Real Power consumption : 10W
  • 6 channels Control : IOlab – Casambi.
  • Lighting Source : Leds 12v RGBA TW.
  • Color Temp : 2200K – 7500K
  • PWM : 2000 Hz

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