Free-standing luminaires can be placed easily anywhere in the room, providing direct and indirect light wherever the user needs it. This OL06 smart design free-standing luminaire is composed of three parts: Linear lamp body, lamp pole, and U shape lamp base. OL06C is for floor standing, and OL06D is for desk installation. Direct and indirect optic design, UGR<16, up 70% & down 20% lighting, up to 130lm/W high light efficiency, it can ensure a more uniform and more comfortable lighting effect. Besides, for direct lighting, it has Symmetrical polarized light and forward polarized light options, which could meet more lighting demands. which is very suitable for modern office environments.
  • Tunable white(Brightness and CCT adjustment) or brightness adjustment.
  • Easy for assembly and maintenance.
  • Symmetrical polarized light and forward polarized light options.
  • High lighting efficiency, 130lm/W.
  • Precise optical design: UGR<16, up 80% & down 20% lighting.
  • Plug and play, convenient for different positions.
  • CASAMBI Bluetooth smart control.
  • Tridonic DALI dimming.
  • Application Areas: It is specially designed for general lighting applications in offices, meeting rooms, hotels etc.

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