• Casambi occupancy detector for surface mounting in large mounting heights
  • Bright LED indication for commissioning
  • External telescopic light sensor for a mounting height between 5 and 16 m (mechanically adjustable) for measuring the light according to the application.
  • Mixed light measurement with external light sensor
  • Adjustment of the reflection factor and input of the luminosity for the display of the actual luminosity in the app
  • Extension of the detection area with additional B.E.G. Casambi devices possible
  • Individual adaption of detection sensitivity for each PIR sensor
  • Detection area can be restricted with blinds
  • There are markings to ensure correct alignment during installation
  • When used in high-bay warehouses, care should be taken that, in the cross-aisles of the warehouse, detectors are installed that can detect movement only in the desired aisle locations, by using blinds or other technical arrangements.
  • Manual switching and dimming via push button possible
  • Functions adjustable via Casambi app
  • Application examples:
    high-bay warehouse, sports halls/ storage rooms

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