The indirect lighting of a room has become very popular because the light comes down through the ceiling and you are not blinded by point light. A “blanket” of atmosphere is created. Profiles are concealed in coves, edges and paneling to indirectly and attractively illuminate the ceiling. This unique WALL profile can be mounted on the wall or on the edge of a suspended ceiling. The nice thing about this profile is that it sends the light to the ceiling, so that the customer cannot look into the light. When this profile is painted in the desired colour, it disappears completely into the ceiling. The Dual White/ Warm Dimming Powerline incorporates both candle white LEDs (2000K) and white-white (5000K) LEDs. This makes it possible to create any desired functional and atmospheric ambience with the same light source. The Warm-dimming Powerline has 2200K and 3000K LEDs. When the Powerline will be dimmed the light will getting warmer. Both the Dual White and Warm Dimming Powerline emits 2150 lumens each meter and an energy-consumption of less than 24 Watt. Because of the diffuse opal cover, the powerline creates a beautiful, even light effect, without seeing LED points and without glare when you look inside the space. The Dual White and the Warm Dimming Powerline can be easily set and dimmed stepless with the wireless Casambi control system. This control system is integrated so the Powerline only needs 24 Volts power supply. The Powerline can also be controlled perfectly with Casambi, DMX and via DMX to KNX or Loxone.

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