RGB+W LED LINE (PL23-PL35) The powerful, dynamic, RGB+W (27000K) Powerline PL23 (W23mm x 25.1mm) and PL35 (35mm x35mm) stands out by its high light capacity with a beautiful, soft, spotless light with great heat management for a long lifespan. Especially for theatres, catering establishments, pop venues, residential homes and other environments where both dynamic and atmospheric lighting is used, we offer the RGB+W Powerline. This LED-line incorporates the highest quality of white LEDs (2700K with RA 95) as well as coloured LEDs (RGB). Good heat management is crucial for maintaining a stable colour temperature and a lifespan of the Powerline. The Powerlines are processed in top quality (AAA) anodized aluminum profiles with good thermal conductivity. The profile is finished with a premium prismatic diffuse opal cover, which does not shine and creates a beautiful, even and diffuse light effect, so that no LED points are visible. The cover is made of polycarbonate (=impact resistant) with a UV inhibitor. The atmosphere of the powerline can be easily set and dimmed steplessly with the wireless Casambi control system. This control system is integrated into Powerline so that the LED-line only needs a 24 Volts power supply. The Powerline can also be controlled perfectly with DMX or via DMX with KNX or Loxone.

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