PS02 Presence & Light Sensor

PS02 is a battery powered passive presence & light sensor.

User can program presence detection sensitivity and luminance detect feature from Casambi app by switching profiles. The presence sensitivity has 3 options, and the luminace detection can be set to always on with 10 seconds interval.

With advanced power managment feature, the standard version can last for 1 year use with a single CR2032 cell battery. A long battery life version is also optional with a built-in CR2450 battery, which can last for 5 years.

  • Battery: CR2032 changable / CR2450 built-in
  • Function: Passive presence sensing, Luminance sensing
  • Presence detection sensitivity: Low, Middle, High
  • Lumincanse detection: 10 seconds interval or presence detected
  • Dimension: 60x60x20mm

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