Salvador Series 1000

 The Salvador Series 1000 product family includes three models: SAL-1016, SAL-1032 and SAL-1064. 

  • SAL-1016: Can address up to 16 DALI driver addresses. 
  • SAL-1032: Can address up to 32 DALI driver addresses. 
  • SAL-1064: Can address the maximum allowed 64 DALI driver addresses. 

The Salvador Series 1000 seamlessly integrates wired DALI drivers into the Casambi system. When integrated, DALI luminaires appear as virtual luminaires in the Casambi network. Notably, this product supports industry standards such as DALI D4i, DALI DT6, and DALI DT8. 

Lighting controls designers should note that DALI switches and DALI sensors must not be connected to Salvador Series 1000 products. Casambi Ready and EnOcean switches and sensors can be used.

The Salvador 1000 series requires an external power supply for the DALI bus.

The Salvador Series 1000 allows the addressing, programming and control of wired DALI drivers individually from the Casambi App. It enables the creation of hybrid networks consisting of both Casambi Ready and DALI devices. All DALI drivers connected to a Salvador can be easily programmed and controlled in the same way as Casambi Ready devices via the Casambi App. This eliminates the need for a specific DALI controller, complex DALI configuration software, or a DALI specialist. 

Casambi Nodes

One Salvador is one Casambi node. Each addressed wired DALI driver is one Casambi node. A Casambi network can contain up to 250 nodes, regardless of whether they are wired DALI drivers or Casambi Ready devices.

Groups and Scenes

Wired DALI luminaires appear in the Casambi App in the same way as Casambi Ready luminaires. They can be individually controlled, grouped, or used in scenes that combine both Casambi Ready and wired DALI luminaires.

Wireless Control

Salvador Series 1000 can be controlled with the Casambi app, available for iOS and Android devices. The Casambi app can be downloaded free of charge from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


  • Voltage: 9,5–22,5 VDC 
  • Input current when idle, Iidle: 5 mA 
  • Peak input current, Ipeak: 30 mA 
  • Max. DALI bus current: 250 mA 
  • Standby power: < 0,2 W 

DALI Output 

  • SAL-1016 product variant: 16 DALI addresses 
  • SAL-1032 product variant: 32 DALI addresses 
  • SAL-1064 product variant: 64 DALI addresses 

Radio transceiver 

  • Operating frequencies: 2402…2480 MHz 
  • Maximum output power: +8 dBm 

Operating conditions 

  • Ambient temperature, ta : -20 °C to +55 °C 
  • Max. case temperature, tc : +65 °C 
  • Storage temperature: -25…+75 °C 
  • Max. relative humidity: 0…80 %, non-cond. 

Mechanical data 

  • Dimensions: 40,4 x 36,3 x 14,0 mm 
  • Weight: 15 g 
  • Degree of protection: IP20 (indoor use only) 


  • Wire range, solid: 0,5–1,5 mm2, 16–20 AWG 
  • Wire strip length: 6–8 mm 


  • Casing to DALI: Reinforced 


  • CE