Salvador Series 2000

Our Salvador Series seamlessly integrates wired DALI drivers into the Casambi system, with a single unit capable of controlling up to 64 DALI drivers. DALI luminaires, when incorporated, will appear in the Casambi network as virtual luminaires. Notably, this product supports industry standards such as DALI D4i, DALI DT6, and DALI DT8. The Salvador 2000 series features integrated power supply, internal Real-time clock (RTC) with backup energy storage, and cable strain relief to facilitate a smooth installation process.

With the Salvador Series, wired and wireless devices can coexist harmoniously. A hybrid solution might entail control of luminaires through wired DALI means alongside wireless Casambi Ecosystem products in the same lighting controls system. This adaptability ensures our comprehensive solution remains applicable across diverse settings, empowering users to choose the most fitting configuration for their needs. You can still experience the rich functionality and ease of use that defines the Casambi experience, no matter the setting.  

NOTE: The information provided here is preliminary and subject to change. Interested parties are advised to consult with a sales representative for the most up-to-date information.


  • Voltage range:                                  100 – 240 VAC
  • Frequency:                                        50/60 Hz
  • Max. mains current:                          70 mA
  • Inrush current:                                   20 A

DALI Output

  • Voltage range:                                    12 – 15 VDC
  • Max. current:                                      140 mA (130 mA guaranteed)
  • Max. number of DALI addresses:        64 DALI addresses

Radio transceiver

  • Operating frequencies:                         2402 … 2480 MHz
  • Max. output power:                               +8 dBm

Operating conditions

  • Ambient temperature, ta:                      -20°C … +40°C
  • Max. case temperature, tc:                   +55°C
  • Storage temperature, ta:                      -25°C … +75°C
  • Max. relative humidity:                          0 … 80%, non-cond.

Mechanical data

  • Dimensions:                                        106,0 x 67,0 x 28,5 mm
  • Weight:                                                100 g (estimate)
  • Degree of protection:                           IP20 (indoor use only)
  • Protection class:                                  Class II