SAM-533C /TU-216C-CA

The intelligent track light is a Casambi ready micro track light with elegant and mini-size design. This represents an advanced method of controlling lighting through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The light fixture can be effortlessly incorporated into existing lighting control systems or pre-existing lighting scenes. This approach offers an optimal solution in terms of installation simplicity and functionality, requiring minimal additional hardware and deployment expenses.

SAM-533C track light features a Casambi Bluetooth smart control. Its design is both simple and refined, featuring an adjustable beam angle that can range from 10° to 60°. This creates a diverse and impactful ambiance. The optical lens design ensures an uniform light distribution. The light’s orientation can be adjusted, with a horizontal range of 360° and a vertical range of 90°. Additionally, an aluminum heat sink effectively dissipates heat, contributing to its performance.


  • Casambi Ready micro track light with elegant and mini-size design.
  • 24V ultra-low voltage system, push-switch installation mechanism is very end-user friendly.
  • To enable end-user mount the spotlight without direction to be noticed within DC circuit, bridge rectifier is integrated into individual adapter to rectify the polarity.
  • Micro track spot lights with dedicated mechanism and neat out-looking.
  • Beam angle adjustable, from 10°-60° , both with high efficient and uniform light output.
  • Individual brightness dimming function available by Casambi App.
  • Compacted with short width and height, perfectly to meet the aesthetically requirement for architect and designer.
  • Eco-friendly LED chip features as the energy saving and low maintenance cost.
  • Color rendering better than Ra90.
  • This series is convenient for end-user to adjust the focus and beam angle, meanwhile achieve the uniform light output.

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