Steel48 Floor

The Steel48 Floor luminaire embodies the ultimate in elegance and technology. Its ultra-slim design with a vertical shaft and optionally available Led Line backlight is the focal point. It is available in 2000 mm or 3000 mm height. Ideal as a complement to wall and ceiling track or as a stand-alone solution, it offers a flexible lighting option with Casambi light control and the required choice of spotlights.

Design and Adaptability
Available in two height variants – 2000 mm and 3000 mm – Steel48 Floor offers not only aesthetic flexibility but also functional versatility. The vertical track enables the integration of a Led Line as a backlight / wallwasher on request. (Color temperatures: 2200 K, 2700 K or 3000 K) This makes it particularly suitable for rooms where atmospheric lighting is required, such as private living areas, elegant salons, museums and churches. Nevertheless flexible, it is also useful for short, temporary lighting installations. The number and programming of the lighting heads can be adjusted again and again, supported by the integrated lighting control with Casambi.

Versatility without Compromise
Whether as a supplement to ceiling- or wall-mounted light tracks or as a stand-alone lighting solution – the Steel48 Floor free-standing luminaire impresses in every situation. Thanks to its free-standing design and simple connection options, it is ideal for historic salons with valuable wall and ceiling decorations, as no complex installation is required.

Digital Control for Maximum Flexibility
The floor luminaire serves as a track structure, similar to other Buschfeld light tracks, providing you with maximum flexibility in selecting additional lights. Use the large Ninety-Five light heads for bright, expansive lighting tasks or the flexible medium-sized Fifty. The Thirty-Five is very small and discreet, perfect for subtle accents. Most recently, you can also use the Mini Projectors to create square or round light fields, allowing for even more precise lighting customization.


  • PRI 230 V | SEC 48 V DC | 150 W
  • Luminaire Height: ~2000 or ~3000 mm
  • Base: 301 x 151 x 57 mm, 8.0 kg
  • Surface: alumatt, black, white, bronze
  • Switch-mode power supply in the luminaire base
  • Supply cable with safety plug 2.5 m, black
  • Option with Led Line backlight | 48 V DC
  • Casambi integrated
  • Colour Temperature: 2000 K, 2700 K or 3000 K
  • Nichia LED built into the luminaire shaft
  • Power consumption: ~ 38 W/m
  • Luminous flux: 3000 lm/m
  • Light efficiency: 79 lm/W
  • CRI: > 90 and R9 > 50

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