Thirty-Five is the smallest yet most powerful precision lighting tool in Buschfeld’s esteemed portfolio. Designed with a compact Ø 35 mm form factor, it harnesses maximum LED power at 8.8 W, offering unparalleled brightness and efficiency within its size category. This spotlight features Buschfeld’s hallmark hide adapter, ensuring effortless integration into pendant, ceiling, and recessed lighting tracks.

Operating seamlessly within Buschfeld’s Sense System at 48 V DC, the Spotlight Thirty-Five provides a consistent 3000 K color temperature and delivers a robust 430 lumens of luminous intensity. This makes it an ideal choice for environments where precision and elegance are paramount, including museums, galleries, architectural spaces, and high-end residential settings.

Despite its compact size, the spotlight Thirty-Five embodies Buschfeld’s commitment to versatility and quality, accommodating diverse lighting applications with refined simplicity. Crafted for those who value both aesthetic appeal and technical excellence, this spotlight represents the pinnacle of Buschfeld’s innovative lighting solutions.

  • buschfeld´s Sense System: 48 V DC
  • Power: 8.8 W
  • Colour Temperature K|Flux: 2700 K|405 lm // 3000 K|430 lm
  • CRI: > 95 | R9 ≥ 95
  • Beam Angles: 25° //36°
  • Accessoires: Shades
  • Size: 35 x 56 x 88 mm
  • Weight: 0.08 kg

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