VIP is a new UGR<19 modular downlight line consisting of eight different models: VIP 1, VIP 1 trimless, VIP 2, VIP 2 double, VIP 2 trimless, VIP 3, VIP 3 double and VIP 3 trimless.

The entire family is available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K for its CRI90 and CRI97 versions (similar to the solar spectrum), and also features a tunable white version (2700K-6500K) and a CRI95 dim to warm version (2000K-3000K).

On the other hand, VIP has 3 different modules available for 4.7W, 10.1W-11.8W and 15.6W powers, and 4 optical options supporting 18º, 28º, 38º and 50º apertures. All versions can be adjusted at 30º.

This modular downlight range features more than 50 possible combinations of ring and trim finishes, and supports the use of anti-glare and prismatic filters across the range as well as IP44 filters for all VIP 1 and VIP 2.

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