The X Moment is a smart but tiny gateway between Amzon’s ALEXA and a Casambi network.

Up to 16 individually defined verbal commands allow to activate corresponding Casambi scenes, controlling any kind of Casambi-ready devices. Control your lights and blinds, switch from a bright and stimulating work environment to a relaxing light atmosphere in the evening hours just by means of your voice.

The voice casambi voice gateway with which you can control every light, light group or casambi-capable consumer –
regardless of the manufacturer – with your individually created voice commands.
Use your voice to control your entire house with voice commands and the X MOMENTVoice-Casambi voice

Not only does it turn the light off and on, the X MOMENT also understands dimming commands, such as “Alexa –
switch table light on” or “Alexa – table light 75%” or “Alexa – switch bedroom to 10%” or “Alexa – light scene living
room (group lights) on” or “Alexa – living room 20%” or “Alexa – switch bedroom to purple” or “Alexa – garden light

The XMOMENT, the voice casambi voice gateway, controls from 4 to 16 voice commands depending on the model.
The installation requires no wiring except for a 5 V power supply (e.g. cell phone power supply) and can be placed
anywhere in the WLAN reception area. The X MOMENT signals all WiFi operating states and voice recognition
commands via a colored LED-X illumination. From now on, you can conveniently control all casambi-rea- dycompatible lights with your voice.

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