Zodiac Globe – 48V Track Systems

The Zodiac Globe range is a stylish 48v track light, perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere with its warm 3000K light output. Choose from either the surface-mounted or pendant variation, both featuring a stylish black globe design. It is equipped with a fast and easy push In/Out mechanism for quick and effortless installation onto the 48V track.

  • Stylish black globe design delivering 5W
  • Warm and inviting 3000K light output
  • Designed to be used with the Zodiac 48V Track range
  • Available in both surface-mounted and pendant variations
  • Can be easily adjusted and repositioned as needed to achieve the desired lighting effect
  • Fast and easy push-in/out mechanism for use with Zodiac 48V Track range
  • Even and smooth light distribution
  • Colour Temperature 3000K
  • 435 Lumens

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