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Inditex is stepping up its retail game with Casambi-controlled smart lighting in its flagship Bershka store in Milan to deliver a more immersive and energy-efficient shopping experience. 

Inditex, the multinational fashion retail giant renowned for its ownership of popular brands such as Zara and Bershka has undertaken a comprehensive initiative to further improve the operational and energy efficiency of their physical stores.  

Addressing the prominence of lighting in these expansive stores (often over 3,500 square meters), Inditex has introduced Casambi-controlled luminaires in some of its key stores so that lighting can be optimized based on space utilization, a significant factor given the high energy consumption associated with such large areas. The benefits are exemplified in this Bershka store in Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy.  

The lighting design  

The lighting design for this store focused on creating a visually appealing and uniform aesthetic. Special attention was given to the alignment of luminaires, with two light planes developed for a cohesive and ordered ceiling-mesh appearance. Different lighting scenes were envisioned based on the purpose of specific areas within the store.  

The first plane comprises uniform linear lighting without any gaps, while the second upper plane houses 48 V accent projectors with 24-38º optics, serving to emphasize areas and furniture. A significant portion of the store’s display area, with lower heights than the rest, features a black square grid ceiling where the lighting is embedded in perfect order with luminaires that offer very low glare and high visual comfort. 

The ‘fast’ fitting rooms share the general lighting of the grid ceiling, while the ‘slow’ fitting rooms, dedicated to personal shopper experiences, feature general ceiling lighting with scenes synchronized with video and music. 

The lighting, all with a color temperature of 3000K and a high CRI>90, is wirelessly controlled through Casambi’s Bluetooth® low Energy-based solution to be able to assign the correct illuminance levels required across the expansive store. 

Centrally orchestrated lighting control 

The primary objectives of the wireless smart lighting control for Bershka were manifold: to optimize electricity consumption and prolong the life of luminaires by adjusting intensity levels based on specific applications; then to facilitate the programming of bespoke scenes and easy use thereof, and finally, to streamline the installation process.  

Given the magnitude of this store, the challenge lay in orchestrating the simultaneous operation of thousands of luminaires. The solution involved a centralized control system compatible with SCADA, MODBUS, BACnet protocols, enabling unified and synchronized control across different levels of the building. 

The installation consists of eight Casambi networks, which unify a total of 1400 Casambi nodes, drivers, relays, CBU-DCS modules, sensors, CBU-TED and CBU-ASD modules, which together control approximately 3800 luminaires.  Operated centrally, the entire system connects the Casambi networks with the BMS control and alarm center. Consequently, the entire store operates cohesively and uniformly, adhering to predefined schedules, specific uses, or designated areas. For example, in areas with natural light input, light sensors are installed to adjust the lighting of the relevant luminaires, reducing over-illumination and related energy waste. Various lighting scenes are activated to accommodate different work modes, such as illuminating only essential lighting during tasks like unloading products or cleaning. 

Building up the smart lighting control 

Fine-tuning of lighting levels was easily accomplished through the Casambi App. First, the maximum level at which the luminaires should operate was set in the Casambi App, catering to the client’s specific requirements. This concealed adjustment, not apparent in regular use, can result in a reduction of up to 20% of the total installed power. During this initial setup, specific levels were also defined for product and passage areas, improving accent lighting and ensuring stability in transitional spaces. Additionally, adjustments were made for varying installation heights due to construction considerations, ensuring uniformity across luminaires. 

Following these initial performance adjustments, a set of scenes was configured to impact the overall lighting, dynamically adjusting intensities for each operational phase of the store. This included specific scenes for the early hours when low footfall would be expected or during cleaning activities, or special scenes to engage with customers, enriching the shopping experience by providing interactive and personalized lighting interactions. 

The manifold benefits 

The implemented system significantly reduced control wiring, greatly reducing the time spent on installation. The dynamic control of lighting, adjusting intensity levels according to specific usage scenarios, resulted in up to a 70% reduction in energy consumption during non-public hours. The integration of Casambi control, along with other control elements, now facilitates the identification of luminaire faults, simplifying maintenance procedures and enabling the replacement of specific components rather than entire luminaires. The ability to apply power cuts also contributes to extending the useful life of luminaires. 

Award-worthy qualities 

This project underscores the advantages of incorporating wireless smart lighting control in retail lighting design, ensuring that lighting reinforces the brand’s identity with a top-notch shopping experience, simultaneously catering to the various needs of the staff, all while delivering sustainability goals. Casambi was selected for its easy and seamless integration with other control infrastructures, providing a unified solution tailored to the intricate and multifarious requirements of such a large retail space. This recognition has led to the project being shortlisted for the 2024 Casambi Project of the Year Award

Bershka shop

Milan, Italy

GOA Invest 

Architecture and Interior Design

Lighting Design
Javier Susaeta


BMS & Automation

Casambi specification
Luxled Técnica S.L. Emotions light 

Commissioning Partner
Eliseo Ciurana 


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