CBU-DCS is a Bluetooth controllable, Casambi enabled DALI controller. CBU-DCS does not have its own power supply. Instead, it is powered directly from a DALI bus.


Product description

CBU-DCS can be used with a DALI sensor for presence detection or daylight harvesting, or it can be used for controlling DALI drivers that have an integrated DALI bus power supply. When used with drivers it supports range of options, including Device Type 6, Device Type 8, Tuneable white control and RGB control.

CBU-DCS has two sets of connectors. These connectors are internally connected in parallel with each other. This way the DALI bus can be routed through the product for easy installation.

Philips SR certified product Works with OSRAM DEXAL


Voltage range
9,5 – 22,5 VDC

Max. input current when idle
5 mA

Peak input current
30 mA

Max. DALI bus current
250 mA

DALI loads

40,4 x 36,3 x 14,0 mm

15 g

IP20 (indoor use only)

Note: DALI gateway function works only with Casambi Evolution firmware