Casambi Xpress reaches end of life, upgrade now to Xpress-LR

Casambi CBM-003 End of life notice

Helsinki, Finland – May 23, 2023: Global smart lighting control company, Casambi, announced today the discontinuation of the product Xpress, which is replaced with the Xpress-LR.      

The Casambi team would like to inform its customers that the current-generation Xpress wireless switch has reached its end of life. Xpress is a wireless user interface designed to bring flexibility to interior design. The product can be placed anywhere without the need for control wiring and gives direct access to all the important Casambi lighting control functionalities. Bespoke switch functionality can be programmed in the Casambi App. 

This product has reached the end of its product life cycle and will be discontinued. 

About the new Xpress-LR 

The Xpress-LR incorporates a new Nordic Semiconductor SoC (nRF52840), which offers lower energy consumption, greater memory for Flash & RAM, and supports the latest Bluetooth 5 Specification to offer long-range and high throughput modes. The Xpress-LR switch can achieve longer ranges than its predecessor, of up to 200 meters (650 feet) in real-world applications. 

For any inquiries related to the End-of-Life statement of the Xpress, please contact