Casambi Xpress

Xpress is a wireless user interface that can be configured via the Casambi app. The four target buttons can control a scene or an animation of the user’s choice or simply one luminaire, one luminaire group or all lamps together if so desired.

Xpress has buttons for dimming. By once tapping the ‘dim down’ button the chosen luminaire or luminaire group will go to 0%. When the ‘dim up’ button is once tapped the luminaire or luminaire group will instead go to 100%. By holding one of the dim-buttons the luminaire or luminaire group will dim smoothly.

Note! This product has reached the end of its product life cycle and will be discontinued, upgrade now to XPRESS-LR

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Xpress has also up/down buttons that can either control the colour temperature if the luminaire in question has a tunable white- option or the up/down ratio if the luminaire in question has vertical control options. For the colour temperature control a tap on the ‘up’ button will set the colour temperature to the luminaire’s warmest colour level as well as a tap on the ‘down’ button to the coldest colour level. By holding the buttons the colour temperature will change smoothly in steps of 25 Kelvin. For the vertical control the ‘up’ button will dim the indirect lighting up and the direct lighting down, while the ‘down’ button will dim the direct lighting up and the indirect lighting down. The sum of the indirect and direct ratio is always 100%.

Xpress comes with a wall mounting plate. The switch can be attached to the plate as it is equipped with magnets.


  • Luminaire control
  • Group control
  • Control all luminaires
  • Recall Scenes
  • Recall Animations
  • Smooth dimming
  • Change of colour temperature
  • Change of indirect/direct lighting ratio

90 x 90 x 12 mm

CR 2430 Lithium-ion

Battery life
2-5 years, depending on usage

A mounting bracket for wall mounting included

up to 50 m in open air