Design Offices

Design Offices is the leading provider of corporate coworking spaces with a total area of approximately 173,000 square meters spanning over 40 locations in 15 cities across Germany.

The innovative room concept from Design Offices is based on four relevant types of work: Focus, Collaborate, Learn, Socialize – each of which requires its own work atmosphere with a different focus.

All Design Office locations are fitted with unique workspace types that suit a wide variety of needs, ranging in size and function. These include smaller, private offices to mid-size loft spaces, to lounge areas, all the way up to larger spaces such as the arenas and outside meeting spaces. Whether working alone or with a colleague, having meetings, conferences, training, or work parties, there is something for every purpose and all with modern, stylish, and sophisticated facilities.

Lighting Designer Alexander Veiel was responsible for determining the different lighting concepts as per space:

  • Indirect/Direct light ratio
  • Lighting scenes
  • Control points (EnOcean, Xpress)
  • Tuneable white
  • Colored lighting
  • Presence detection

Casambi was chosen for Design Offices first and foremost because of flexibility. All the spaces can be changed, all walls can be moved, all desks can be placed in new areas, and everything inside is mobile. Sometimes the areas are used for individual work. Maybe a small mini-fair will occur during lunch hours; some companies might have meetings or conferences in another room. One space might be used for an after-work party. Casambi was also chosen because of its ability to be future-proof. All new functionality can be updated over the air, so any project is up to date with the latest technology. This solution works perfectly for companies such as Design Offices and their need to evolve and be an attractive option – now and in the future.

Veiel says, ”Dr. Joachim Gripp, the CEO of Design Offices, contacted me to discuss the mobile structure of the spaces and wondered if there was any lighting control system that could handle those completely flexible needs. Casambi was suggested as the only solution.”  Since project completion, Viel has held trainings for all staff at Design Offices to assign themselves admin rights and make any needed lighting control changes. EnOcean push buttons and Casambi Xpress switches are used (Some of which can even be in the staff’s pocket as remote controls) due to the lack of wiring, making the entire lighting control system truly wireless. Presence detectors have been installed to keep energy consumption to a minimum so that it doesn’t have to be lit when a space is not in use.

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Bonn Neuer Kanzlerplatz 
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München Macherei
München Bogenhausen

Lighting Design, Commissioniong
Alexander Veiel Licht

Casambi control units
up to 5000 nodes

Max Franke
Custom made fixtures by Alexander Veiel

Casambi Xpress

Lichtteam AG Liga.Air precense detectors

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