Orangebox was established in 2002 and has since become a leading UK innovative furniture manufacturer. 

Innovation, creativity, and industry-leading product design are the cornerstones of Orangebox’s DNA. They design and manufacture furniture focusing on smartworking® solutions.

Orangebox has taken this ethos a step further with the launch of their innovative range of Campers&Dens office pods as of November 2020. Casambi’s technology has been selected for its flexible, creativity-inspiring, wireless solution – complimenting Orangebox’s concept beautifully.

The core concept of Campers&Dens is the idea of 80/20 engineering. In effect, this means that 80% of the pods come with standard technical features, such as good ventilation, great acoustics, building compliant, and of course, beautiful lighting. Clients can then be creative with the other 20% by customizing such details as the outer structure, as well as the aesthetics in general.

A central Casambi control module developed by Genco controls the pods. The central contol module has following functionality integrated:

  • Fan/ventilation control
  • Opening roof control (patented Orangebox technology)
  • PIR sensor
  • Fire alarm interface

The ventilation system will be activated when entering a pod, and the lighting will be turned on. An integrated control panel can be found on the wall to adjust  the lighting as needed. The pods can also be controlled remotely via the Casambi cloud, and Casambi Ready sensors can gather data about the pod usage.

The Pod is supplied pre-commissioned by Genco with any customisations done as required.

The Casambi control solution replaces an intelligent solution with integrated control technology within the LED drivers and LED modules. The upgrade to Casambi has resulted in a 50 % energy saving.

Orangebox Campers&Dens solutions are sold globally

Control Technology
Genco Electrical Projects Limited

Genco Electrical Projects Limited

Genco Electrical Projects Limited custom made luminaires with eldoLED drivers inside.

Case study
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