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When Team Finland, an organisation promoting Finnish companies abroad, decided to move into new office buildings located in Espoo, it came as no surprise that Finns would be involved with the fit-out. In fact, a trio of Finnish companies has helped to transform Team Finland’s office interior into a calm, creative and comfortable workspace.

The interior design was spearheaded by Design Studio Muotohiomo, which appointed Tunto Design to deliver a harmonious lighting scheme, and it subsequently teamed up with Casambi to ensure that its luminaires could be wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth low energy.

In cooperation with Muotohiomo, Tunto developed a bespoke LED lighting fixture for the new headquarters: a combined light and power source column that, along with its outstanding technical features, blends in perfectly with its surroundings while becoming an aesthetically important part of the office interior in its own right. Besides delivering high-quality flicker-free lighting, each of the upright wood columns serves to run electrical and data cables to workstations while also keeping them hidden from view. In addition to this new lighting column, Tunto supplied several other light fixtures at the property, including sleek and powerful Swan pendants, LED40 modular tube lighting and LED40 wall lighting. In total, around 200 luminaires have been installed at the premises.

Casambi is the ideal smart lighting platform for controlling the customised columns and surrounding fixtures given that it is wireless, and the minimalist interior design promotes an environment that is cable-free. The smart lighting system can control individual luminaires as well as groups, which is key to the interior design requirements of the project. The colour temperature and light intensity have been pre-programmed to change during different seasons of the year. Of course this preset schedule can be interrupted, and overrides are available to office staff, who can personalise the lighting around them using a smartphone or tablet and an easy-to-use Casambi app, while an administrator retains overall control. What’s more, this is a solution that is also flexible enough to allow future adjustments to the interior design without needing to worry too much about how such changes will impact the lighting control system. Casambi allows users to communicate directly with luminaires via Bluetooth, so it?s simple and straightforward to commission or reconfigure luminaires at any time.

The lighting acts as the unifying element throughout the interior of the office, which in totality communicates a calm and warmth.


Team Finland Offices


Helsinki, Finland





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