Casambi Summit 2023

It’s live. It’s virtual. It’s free.

Encounter the people, technologies and services shaping the future of smart lighting control. Back for the third year running, this all-virtual event experience is about celebrating of-the-moment lighting developments that are embracing change, engaging creativity, and encouraging us to live more responsibly. Whether you’re an OEM, lighting designer, service provider or just an all-round lover of light, this event is for you.  

What happens at Summit does not stay at Summit. 

This event not only brings together the widespread Casambi Community to discuss all things design, technology, and future trends, it is curated for attendees to forge new business relationships and spark fresh ideas that will propel the lighting industry in exciting directions.  

Why attend? 

We’ll be joined by leaders from the most influential companies in the lighting game who will share how they are developing solutions for a safer, smarter, greener, better-lit world. We’ve got a stellar program of product reveals, panel discussions and presentations from an illustrious speaker list. 

To ensure that our international attendees have the best possible experience, we’ll be running three separate tracks this year tailored to the Asia-Pacific, European and North American markets. 

Be part of it.  

Present your innovations, products, and services to an international crowd. Alongside our main stage, we’ll also be facilitating breakout sessions, where you can offer deeper tech dives to a more intimate audience. And our adjacent Partner Expo featuring hundreds of players in the lighting control space will provide the opportunity to gain valuable business contacts.

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Time (CET)

The opportunity and impact of wireless lighting control
Welcome remarks and a brief business update by Casambi CEO, Kari Mettälä.


Creative control at all stages of the development process
Casambi Founder, Timo Pakkala on how Casambi provides total freedom to innovate and differentiate your products.


Modern lighting infrastructure as a business booster
Joachim Geiger, CSO & CMO at TRILUX Group will present how LED upgrades open the doors to customizable, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions, which in turn transform lighting infrastructure into powerful business assets.


Breakout sessions and program in partner expo booths


Aimotion and the rise of the uber-empathic office
Aileen Herpell, co-founder of Aimotion, will share their high-techiest of office projects that delivered a flawless user experience.


Enter circularity or please follow the exit signs
Rickard Lundell, founder of Rebel Light will give a short brief on why circularity is being pushed to the front of the agenda and how this will redesign our industry.


Introducing Tridonic’s newest SceneCOM Evo
Chris Slattery from Tridonic will get into the nitty gritties of their new SceneCOM Evo BACnet/ via Casambi DALI Gateway.


Breakout sessions and program in partner expo booths


Space Tech: Circadian lighting for astronauts
SAGA Space architects co-founder, Sebastian Aristotelis will introduce their Circadian Light Panel, a product NASA will test onboard the International Space Station.


Casambi Award winners


iGuzzini on lighting masterpieces
Giorgio Pierini, Design Liaison Manager, and Antonio Levantesi, Connectivity Senior Manager at iGuzzini on the virtues of luminaire-level lighting control for museum settings and retrofit projects.


Breakout sessions and program in partner expo booths


How light affects the taste of our food
Johan Röklander from the School of Engineering at Jönköping University will give a talk on the influence of light over taste and other senses.


Digital lighting: Poetry in motion
Tapio Rosenius, CEO and Founder of Skandal Technologies will introduce their software platform “POET” for physical-digital installations.


Lighting in tune with people
Maida Hot (MSc Light & Lighting, MA BSc. CEng MCIBSE, MSLL, Associate IALD), Managing Director of Equation Lighting, will be presenting on the topic of daylight and architectural lighting design.


Creativity in a Precious World
Clementine Fletcher-Smith [IALD], Partner at Speirs Major Light Architecture, will discuss the critical role that light plays in shaping the way we perceive and experience the world around us.


Breakout sessions and program in partner expo booths.

North America program begins at 16:00 CET

Time (GMT +8 hours)
13:00 (7:00 CET)

Welcome to the Casambi Summit


Keynote: Edmund Hui on the road ahead
Edmund Hui, General Manager for Casambi APAC will provide a business update and his reflections on the trends and applications driving an increasing need for wireless lighting control in the region.


Breaking Free: Art X Lights X Heritage
Ron Tu, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Auxilio Studio, and Hilmi Juma’at, Assistant Director (Audio, Visual, Lighting) at the National Gallery Singapore, will present the game-changing benefits of Bluetooth-controlled lighting for museums and heritage spaces.


Hospitality lighting design of star quality
James Joudi, Senior Technical Manager at Aglo on Casambifying The Star Events Centre on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.


Program in the partner expo booths


Singapore: Social movements to support design
Tung Ching Yew, President of the Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) on the community initiatives supporting and elevating the standards of Interior Design practice in Singapore.


Making heritage buildings smart with Casambi
Max Borrell, CTO at lighting and automation company, Novii, on creating spaces that drive well-being and carbon reduction outcomes.


Hands-on: An S4i integration workshop
Sandy Howard, Co-founder & CEO of S4i on the S4i Integration Broker and the endless possibilities with Casambi.


Breakout sessions and program in partner expo booths.

Europe program begins at 16:00 GMT + 8 (10:00 CET)

Time (EDT)

The Power of Partnership and an Open Ecosystem
General Manager for Casambi North America, Mark McClear on collaboration as a powerful and proven tool for evolving the lighting industry.


Controls First! The benefits of LLLC
Peter Augusta, VP of Sales for Casambi North America, and Cory Butcher, Professional Services Manager, Casambi will present the cascading benefits of Luminaire Level Lighting Control – covering the design process with Casambi. 


BLE: A North American lighting representative’s perspective
Devon Galloway, Controls Specialist at SDA Lighting & Controls will discuss the importance of BLE-based lighting solutions, and the value a Casambi X Spec Rep relationship brings to those looking to implement them. 


IoT enables the freedom to create
Losant co-founder and CEO, Charlie Key, will talk about the Internet of Things and how it is being used to empower the freedom to create a brighter, sustainable, and more profitable future. 


Controlling indoor air quality through light
Dan Litvin, President, IntelliSafe IAQ, will discuss how the Casambi Ecosystem serves as a backbone to a future-ready indoor air quality system. 


Designing outdoor spaces with Casambi
Travis Laib, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Casambi North America, will discuss how Casambi’s long-range technology provides robust wireless communication for vast, outdoor applications.  


Summit ends

Time (CET)

Casambi Pro: How to pre-configure and rapidly commission complex lighting projects
Tarja Hakala, Product Owner, Casambi
Timo Korhonen, Head of UX Design, Casambi


eldoLED: Quality of light without compromise for all applications
Geert van der Meer, Product Management Europe, eldoLED


Specification: How to win more retrofit projects by going wireless with Casambi
Selen Çelik Güngör, Lighting Control Designer, Casambi


Fluorescent ban: How to benefit by going wireless with your LED refurbishment
Viktor Olsson, Business Manager Northern Europe, Casambi


Casambi Pro: How to pre-configure and rapidly commission complex lighting projects
Tarja Hakala, Product Owner, Casambi
Timo Korhonen, Head of UX Design, Casambi

Featured speakers

Kari Mettälä



Timo Pakkala



Joachim Geiger


Trilux Group

Sebastian Aristotelis


SAGA Space Architects 

Tapio Rosenius

CEO and Founder

Skandal Technologies and LDC Design Studio

Chris Slattery

Global Solutions Sales Manager


Clementine Fletcher-Smith IALD



Johan Röklander

IALD Educator, Lecturer

Jönköping University of Technology

Tung Ching Yew

Managing Director, SODA

President, Society of Interior Designers Singapore

Mark McClear

General Manager, North America


Edmund Hui

General Manager, APAC


Aileen Herpell



Rickard Lundell


Rebel Light

Peter Augusta

VP Sales, North America


Travis Laib

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Devon Galloway

Controls Specialist

SDA Lighting & Controls

Maida Hot

Managing Director


Giorgio Pierini

UK Design Liaison Manager


Antonio Levantesi

Connectivity Senior Manager


Sandy Howard

Co-founder and CEO


Max Borrell



James Joudi

Senior Technical Manager


Ron Tu

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Auxilio Studio

Hilmi Juma’at

Assistant Director (Audio, Visual, Lighting)

National Gallery Singapore

Dan Litvin


IntelliSafe IAQ

Charlie Key

co-founder and CEO


Cory Butcher

Professional Services Manager


Tarja Hakala

Product Owner


Timo Korhonen

Head of UX Design


Geert van der Meer

Product Management Europe


Selen Çelik Güngör

Lighting Control Designer



Viktor Olsson

Business Manager Northern Europe


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Casambi Awards 2022 Jury

Casambi Awards

The Casambi Awards give due recognition to the lighting applications that have deployed Casambi technology to life-enhancing effect. The two special categories, adjudicated by this year’s judges, are Best Product and Best Project.  

Nominations are now closed! See shortlisted products and shortlisted projects.

Winners of the 2023 Casambi Awards will be announced at the Summit.  

Casambi Summit 2022 recordings