Casambi for Value-added resellers

We are constantly looking for new VARs to distribute Casambi Ecosystem products and to offer value-added services for Casambi customers around the world.

Casambi offers a market-leading wireless lighting control system that can be adapted to exceed the needs of your end customers.

Casambi acts as a door opener: the new story for salespeople to attract customers.

Casambi is easy to understand and demonstrate – fun to show how it works.

Increase revenue by selling ecosystem products as well as specification, training and commissioning services.

True interoperability. All Casambi Ready products run exactly the same firmware in the same hardware environment. Software updates automatically via cloud updates. 

DALI compatible. Casambi supports key industry standards and interfaces. DALI, EnOcean, 1-10V, PWM and phase cut dimmable devices and light sources can all be seamlessly used in Casambi networks.

Open ecosystem of optimally integrated and 100% interoperable Casambi Ready luminaires, drivers, sensors and switches from the major industry players.

Selected Casambi partners

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