The Gallery House

This house is home to an art lover and the brief for the lighting designer was for a light and airy space that highlighted the walls of painting and objects.

Part of the design was to integrate the lighting into the structure of the house as much as possible so as to seem like no lights are visible when they are not switched on. To this end a lot of linear lighting was integrated into the ceiling as well as coves to light up walls, stairwells and the kitchen creating a bright, airy and modern look and feel.

Casambi was chosen as the lighting control system of choice for its simplicity of installation and operation and Afterglow Lighting was called into commission and train the users of the system in this home. A number of scenes were set for different activities that is conducive to the activities of the users of this space including dinner, entertainment and cleaning. The use of a Casambi Express switch made this lighting control system even more delightful to use for the client.


The Gallery House in
Sydney, Australia

Consulting, Design and Installation


Lighting Designer

Steensen Varming


Grove Architects


3S Lighting
Onlight Australia

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