CBU-TED Bluetooth controllable dimmer

CBU-TED is a Bluetooth controllable, Casambi enabled trailing-edge dimmer for operation of incandescent lamps, dimmable LED lamps and dimmable LED control gear. It can be installed behind a traditional wall switch, inside a luminaire or into a ceiling outlet box. Maximum allowable ambient temperature must be observed.

Casambi CBU TED

Wireless control

CBU-TED can be controlled with Casambi app, available for iOS and Android devices, as well as with traditional wall switches. The Casambi app can be downloaded free of charge from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Different Casambi enabled products can be used as a simple one luminaire direct control to a complete and full-featured light control system where up to 127 units (Classic) or 250 units (Evolution) form automatically an intelligent mesh network.

Dimming method
Trailing-edge phase control

85-240 VAC 50-60 HZ
120 VAC 60 Hz

Incandescent and high voltage halogen bulbs:
150 VA @ 230 VAC
75 VA @ 120 VAC

High voltage AC LED modules:
150 VA @ 230 VAC
75 VA @ 120 VAC

Dimmable LED and CFL bulbs:
150 VA @ 230 VAC
75 VA @ 120 VAC

Dimmable electronic transformers:
150 VA @ 230 VAC
75 VA @ 120 VAC

Max. output current:
0,65 A

Min. load requirement

Max. inrush current
10 A, 100 ms

40,4 x 36,3 x 14,0 mm