Amadore Hotel en Restaurant De Kamperduinen

The Amadore Hotel & Restaurant de Kamperduinen in Kamperland, Netherlands, started its life as a hotel in the nineties but was eventually converted to a high-end hotel, restaurant, and wellness center.  

When the Amadore group decided to go with a completely new vision for the establishment, they collaborated with Dutch architect, Ferry Tabeling, to create a new concept emphasizing environmental sustainability through the materials, electronics, and low-maintenance utilities used.  

The idea behind the lighting design concept was to make the occupant feel the light as opposed to just illuminating the space. This made the design a challenge as it required a unique approach to using light lines, fixtures, and control devices. They chose the Casambi wireless lighting control system as it gave them the full flexibility that they needed. For example, every table area can be fine-tuned to just the right mood via integrated Casambi controls for dimming and scene control.  

An OEM track adapter with Casambi integrated as nodes are used to dim Luximprove Optiled AR111 arrays in the track spots. Using Casambi Evolution software, different timers have been combined with a CBU-Gateway integrated to access the site remotely, 24/7.  

Luximprove lighting controls system engineer Roger Casteelen, explains, “With the use of Casambi, we were given the opportunity to deliver an all-in-one solution that took full control of the mood, ambiance, and functional lighting intensity, and that could be implemented room per room as the development of the site progressed. This gave us the power to develop and program the lighting scenes in a flexible manner.”  


Amadore Hotel & Restaurant de Kamperduinen


Kamperland, Netherlands

Lighting Design

Roger Casteelen, LuxImprove BV 

Interior Designer



Ferry Tabeling Heineken BV 

Casambi nodes


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