In partnership with Shoplight Ltd and YourStudio, HOP Vietnamese skillfully intertwines the charm of traditional heritage design with cutting-edge lighting technology, creating a vibrant and immersive ambiance in their flagship food hub at West One Bond Street, London. 

London’s Bond Street boasts a melange of high-end boutiques, renowned art galleries, and exclusive fine-dining establishments. This is a place in the British capital where heritage meets contemporary chic, making it a premier destination for art aficionados, fashion enthusiasts, and culinary explorers alike. Tucked away in the West One shopping mall, HOP offers a bold experience. A hearty kick of Vietnamese Street food in a setting that has the power to whisk you away on a 6000-mile culinary journey to savor its delights. 

Lighting designer, Shoplight Ltd, collaborated with interior designers, YourStudio, to create the vibrant ambiance in this eatery. Inspired by HOP’s brand and the street market vibe, their design concept brought together traditional lanterns, light boxes, and festoon string lights to reflect modern-day Vietnam. Bold colors and impactful lighting fixtures have created focal points, enriching the overall atmosphere while helping establish functional zones for ordering, collecting, and dining. 

HOP sought to regulate the ambient lighting transitioning it between night and day. An adjustable and dimmable lighting system managed through Casambi’s Bluetooth® Low Energy-based solution, was provided for this purpose. Casambi’s control and automation features facilitated seamless adjustments to brightness, color, and timing. This enabled HOP to establish two distinct settings – a brighter day configuration and a softer night arrangement. 

The decision to opt for a 3000K setting for HOP was influenced by the store’s predominant red and yellow color scheme, aligning with their Eastern aesthetic. This warmer temperature not only complemented the overall design but also contributed to creating an inviting and lively atmosphere, reflecting modern-day Vietnam. Considering the presence of numerous pendants and lightboxes, striking a balance was crucial to ensure that the spotlights on tables, counters, and floors stood out while harmonizing with other overhead lighting features. 

Casambi was selected for its user-friendly installation, swift setup, and seamless compatibility with the various light sources. The straightforward nature of the system enabled efficient programming, and customization of lighting levels to meet specific requirements. Utilizing Casambi Ready in-track drivers for the spotlights, CBU-BOX-LD220 to control the festoons and pendants, and an Enocean Kinetic Casambi switch for manual control over the scenes and on/off functionality contributed to the overall success of the project. 

In fact, the seamless incorporation of automation through Casambi not only achieved an exquisite harmony between aesthetic allure but energy efficiency to boot – bolstering operational effectiveness while substantially mitigating light and energy wastage. As a nod to its clever use of Casambi tech, this project earned its place as a finalist for the Casambi Award for Best Project of the Year 2024.


London, England

Interior Designer

Lighting Designer
Shoplight Ltd

Project Management

Electrical Contractor
Thronmoor Services
Limited for Bond Street  

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