Studio Frantzén, Harrods

Could Studio Frantzén be the most beautifully complex and fully Casambi-controlled fine dining restaurant in the world? If the lighting design, which includes a vast array of custom luminaires, color-tuneable lighting and – of course – a Casambi control system for tweaking the ambiance, is anything to go by… The answer is affirmative.  

Studio Frantzén offers an immersive, experience-driven restaurant, serving lunch and dinner at the top of London’s most iconic department store, Harrods. The restaurant is an amphitheater of Nordic energy, spreading from the double-height heart to the roof terrace overlooking London’s skyline.  

The lighting emphasizes the grandeur of the space and with sophisticated concealed light detailing, creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. All elements of the project are highly designed and curated: From the menu designed and delivered by three Michelin star chef Björn Frantzén, the detailed and quirky Nordic interior design by Joyn studio right through to each individual element of the lighting design.  

A rich scheme with highly integrated and adaptable lighting.  

As well as the warm linear LED throughout, color-tuneable LED has been introduced to harmonize with the changing daylight. Using high-color rendering LED, precise optics, glare control and meticulous dimming of the lighting brings the Nordic design alive.  

Bespoke fittings were developed for the atrium chandelier, mezzanine sconces and terrace festoon system. One of the key challenges pertained to balancing the lighting throughout the space. Dramatic focus creates the correct ambiance day and night across the restaurant, despite the varying effects of daylight, use of spaces and architecture. Entering from the store, you are instantly transported from retail to fine dining. The lobby is a sanctuary from shopping, leading to the perfectly dimmed intimacy of the bar, before encountering the magnificent double-height atrium.  

A vast array of lighting and control equipment.  

Casambi Ready Osram drivers have been used to reduce the wiring complexity and the range of equipment for much of the linear LED. These drivers allow for the control of long lengths of single-color linear LED as well as tuneable color LED. The ability to set and change the dimming profile on the drivers within the Casambi App allows for a dynamic and simple installation for both the electrical and design teams.  

Most of the remaining architectural lighting is controlled via CBU-ASD and Eldoled’s Casambi Ready dongles. All decorative lighting was added to the Casambi system using CBU-TED modules. In addition to this, the system is supported by Dalcnet’s Casambi Ready timers and Casambi Xpress control plates.  

Total control over programming. 

Many scenarios had to be considered when developing the control methodology. Frantzén offers a Lunch and Dinner service running from mid-morning until late evening. To add complexity, the main atrium is influenced by daylight from the back glass wall, the terrace area is outdoors, and thus always at the mercy of changing daylight, and the bar and back dining areas have no daylight influence at all. As a dynamic and ever-changing space, it was important the lighting adapted to the changing daylight and nature of service, while also balancing all areas to work together.  

Harmony has been achieved through the programming of carefully balanced lighting scenes for both services (and after hours) based on the sunset and sunrise. Each individual lighting element is precisely controlled via the Casambi App, and the color temperature of the tuneable light sources is also adjusted here to complement each time of day.  The lighting designers were able to precision-tweak these scenes over a couple of weeks alongside the restaurant team. Wireless control plates were also installed, enabling the operations team to override and re-enable the time-led scenes. 

‘One key element was our ability, through the Casambi control system, to dramatically lower our lighting levels through the day from an appropriately bright day scene to a very low and dramatic ambiance in the evening. In addition to this, we were very careful in our specification of lighting and where light was used. To be as efficient as possible highly-controlled lighting optics were used allowing us to contain the lighting to the tables and key areas without light spill, and wasted energy.’ Said Christian Haimes, Senior Lighting Designer at Lighting Design International. 

‘We have long promoted Casambi for use within our Harrods projects as it is the only control system that truly gives the Harrods engineering team what they require in terms of control and confidence. The team knows that when any issues or requirements for adjustments arise, they do not need to call outside help but can simply adjust the system themselves via their iPad’.  

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