Studio Nimmersatt’s vision, brought to life by Ascendo Lighting and Glow Control, successfully combines Mediterranean aesthetics with smart lighting control to create a European fine dining experience in Bali. 

Located in Canggu, Bali, Luma is a newly established restaurant catering to Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts. The lighting design, curated by Studio Nimmersatt, mirrors European charm. Their scheme has been meticulously designed with architectural and decorative fixtures supplied by Ascendo Lighting. Outdoors, a custom catenary lighting system has been incorporated, adding a touch of European allure to Bali’s tropical nightscape.  

The primary objective for the lighting design, which was to create a dining atmosphere seamlessly combining warmth and comfort with European Mediterranean aesthetics, has been achieved through the strategic placement of fixtures and the implementation of Casambi wireless smart controls. Casambi CBU-DCS modules have been incorporated with the strip lighting and CBU-TEDs to the decorative lights. Configured and controlled via the Casambi app, pre-set day scenes emanate a soft, diffused glow, transitioning smoothly into night scenes, altering the overall vibes. Timers programmed in the Casambi app ensure automatic activation of pre-determined scenes at specific times. Additionally, wireless Casambi Xpress switches provide an alternative method for scene activation. 

“I opted for Casambi in the Luma project due to its practical advantages. The building, previously a villa, underwent a renovation, converting it into a restaurant with a revamped seating area from the existing swimming pool. Casambi’s easy installation and cost-effectiveness played a crucial role in streamlining the process, making it the ideal choice for the project.” Said Rara Rina Pusthika, Founder of Studio Nimmersatt. 

Glow Control played a pivotal role in commissioning and fine-tuning the lighting scenes that were defined during the design stages by Studio Nimmersatt. Johannes Indaheng of Glow Control highlights the simplicity of commissioning Casambi, emphasizing its remote capabilities. “Everything can be done remotely, offsite even,” he notes, emphasizing the time-saving benefits for his business. “Impressively, we could access and adjust the Bali installation from our Jakarta office using an onsite cellphone configured as a Casambi Gateway. Remarkable“. 

Restaurant Luma

Bali, Indonesia

Lighting design
Studio Nimersatt
Architecture & Interior Designer
Design Assembly
Casambi Commissioning
Glow Control  

Lighting & Control System Supply
Ascendo Lighting

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