Sanxingdui Museum

This project exemplifies ERCO’s dedication to cultural preservation by providing specialized lighting for delicate relics and artifacts.

Found in Guanghan City, Sichuan Province, China, the Sanxingdui Museum protects the rich cultural heritage and archaeological discoveries unearthed at the site. It holds a significant place in the study of ancient Chinese civilisation, and the museum is renowned for its impressive collection of bronze masks, jade artifacts, and pottery, providing a captivating glimpse into the unique culture of the late Neolithic period.

To illuminate these precious artifacts with the utmost care and precision, ERCO luminaires were chosen due to their high quality performance and their contribution to cultural protection through lighting. Integrated Casambi control provides a sophisticated and adaptable solution for the curators and museum managers. By offering precise control over lighting parameters, it helps protect the artifacts while creating an engaging and visually appealing experience for visitors.

Precise Illumination: Bringing Artifacts to Life

ERCO meticulously evaluates the potential damage factors of its light sources, ensuring that cultural relics are safeguarded from the detrimental effects of light radiation. This dedication to protection aligns seamlessly with the museum’s mission to preserve and showcase the Sanxingdui artifacts for generations to come. The Sanxingdui Archaeological Museum is a vast and complex space, with a wide variety of exhibits. The lighting designers were faced with the challenge of creating a lighting scheme that would meet the specific needs of each exhibit, while also maintaining a sense of coherence and unity throughout the museum. 

The project had a tight construction schedule which meant a shorter lead time and higher uncertainties. Due to that, the lighting designer proposed a “change-tolerant” concept. This adaptable approach involved utilizing luminaires with interchangeable lenses, allowing for beam angle adjustments without the need for fixture replacements. This level of flexibility allows for effortless adjustments to accommodate changing exhibition layouts and lighting requirements. Furthermore, the implementation of Casambi Bluetooth control technology empowered the team to fine-tune the lighting intensity without disrupting the delicate artifacts.

High colour rendering index (CRI) for accurate artifact representation

The showcases are lit with ERCO Parscan 48V spotlights in size XS, drawing visitors to the intricate details of the artifacts. These versatile luminaires deliver precise beam control and adjustable light intensity, ensuring that each artifact is illuminated evenly and effectively. The Parscan accessories also allow curators and the museum maintenance team to adjust the light distribution as needed. The carefully controlled lighting eliminates glare and harsh shadows, allowing for the creation of dramatic contrasts and subtle nuances that accentuate the unique features of each piece. 

In addition to the beam control and flexibility, the high colour rendering index (CRI) of the Parscan 48V spotlights accurately reproduce the colours of the artifacts. This is especially important for the bronze masks, where the rich hues and intricate details that were once veiled in obscurity now emerge with newfound vibrancy. 

Beyond the artifacts themselves, Parscan 48V and Optec spotlights enhance the overall ambiance of the exhibition space. The carefully controlled contrast levels create a sense of drama and intrigue, guiding visitors through a captivating narrative of ancient Chinese civilization. The flexibility of track lighting empowers the museum maintenance team to effortlessly adjust the position of the luminaires or seamlessly add, remove, or replace them as required.

The integration of ERCO’s lighting solutions, coupled with smart Casambi control, and the display of Sanxingdui artifacts has turned the museum into an engaging haven showcasing the rich history of ancient China. The precise illumination accentuates the textures and details of the artifacts, revealing their hidden beauty and captivating visitors with their enigmatic allure. The lighting design has masterfully transformed the museum into a stage where the history comes alive, illuminating a chapter of human history that continues to fascinate and inspire.

Sanxingdui Museum

Guanghan City, Sichuan, China

Liu Yi / CSWADI (China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Corp. Ltd)

Lighting design
iLicht Lighting Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Studio SZ / Justin Szeremeta

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