AMI + Wood Ear

Yabu Pushelberg gives creative life to a dining oasis in the heart of Hong Kong’s business district.

Lighting, as one of the utmost important aspects of a restaurant design, can transform not only the space but also the customer experience throughout. A good lighting design creates an atmosphere that makes guests want to stay longer and enjoy their dining experience.

With that in mind, AMI + Wood Ear, a French casual fine dining restaurant located in the central business district of Hong Kong, creates a unique dining experience through the contribution of impressive interior design and the right lighting. 

The restaurant aims to bring guests a more relaxed and casual experience without compromising on the culinary quality. At the entrance of the restaurant, the subdued ambient light favors a quiet conversational space for guests. The main bar flows into the terrace where guests are treated to a glimpse of Hong Kong’s CBD view. 

The design concept was led by the client together with YABU PUSHELBERG Design. The main bar flows into the terrace, extending to the sparkling buildings of the city beyond.  Everything is intentionally very dark to allow the eye to travel freely, with moments of pop on the client’s extensive artwork and whiskey collections around the perimeter. 

The client sought  a smart lighting system that would enable a variety of energy-efficient and time-saving features such as automatic on-off, multizone brightness/dimming control and scenario programming. Additionally, minimum wiring and cabling were required to ease installation and ensure the flexibility of the lighting controls. 

The client wanted the ability to use this space for a variety of events, so it was imperative the lighting be both flexible and unobtrusive. YB specified formalighting using their state-of-the-art MOTOLUX fixtures combined with Casambi control to give the manager the means to quickly reposition or dim lighting without interrupting service.

With Casambi’s control solution in place, the client can now log in to the network and adjust the settings to their preferred choice, adjust timers and manually control movement, specific beam angle, dimming level and sequences if so wished.

Complementing the minimalistic approach, minimal recessed downlights and custom track heads were developed to disappear inside ceiling slots. Along with the use of Casambi’s wireless control solution, there are no visual elements to detract from the diners’ experience. Casambi is hidden but works seamlessly to offer any variation of control.

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